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December 08, 2020 - BY Admin

Top Things Most People Forget to do Before Moving in Los Angeles

The process of moving between homes can be a challenging and daunting task. Sinatra movers has helped so many people in Los Angeles to move to their new homes. There are several things to take note of during the relocation process. In this article, we have compiled a list of eight things that you should never forget before a move. This knowledge will help you to prepare for the transition that is awaiting you.

1. Cancel Recurring Costs

When you are in the process of moving, it is very easy to allow small things to fall by your wayside. In case you have subscription-based services like gym membership, take care of them so that they don’t continue to pile up on your credit card. Most subscription services like it when you cancel the recurring charges at least a month in advance. It will make sure that they have all the 30-days-notice before cancelling the services.

2. Change Your Car Insurance

Whether you plan on moving across the country or across town, the motor vehicle department advices that you should manage your car insurance during the transition period. The reason is that states do have varying coverage levels. Even if you are planning to stay in the same city, the rates of insurance can differ from one neighborhood to another. There could be a deadline for addressing the insurance coverage with the new address. Call the insurance company a few weeks before moving to ensure that both your vehicle and you are insured fully.

3. Pack a Go-to-Box

Are you hiring professionals to pack your belongings and move them safely? Remember to pack a go-to-box of the essentials that will be very easy to access in the new home. Some of the items to include in your go-to-box are water bottles, toothbrushes, toilet paper, paper towels, and any other item that you will require right away. Unpacking all your boxes and getting everything in order can take some time. You will be happy that you had a go-to box of the must-haves for the initial few days in the new home.

4. Turn on Utilities

Have you ever tried to unpack your boxes in the dark? Before hiring a professional moving company in Los Angeles to assist you pack and move your stuff, you have to first set up the utilities in the new home. You can do this by simply making a phone call to the utilities service providers and tell them that you are switching houses. You can transfer the current utility service provider depending on the type of services that you use. Some of them will transfer these services completely for free.

5. What About Your Pets

The other thing that you need to think about when moving from one house to another are your pets. If you are planning to move with these furry friends, try and give them a transition that is as comfortable as possible. Once you get to the new home, you have to make sure that you setup a pet friendly area for the cat or dog to roam. In case the pet starts exhibiting anxious behaviors because there is change in the surrounding, throw a few pieces of already-worn clothes to help in calming down the nerves of the pet. A simple smell of your own scent will assist the pet in adjusting to the new surroundings. It will make sure that there is a smooth and easy transition.

6. Transfer Your Prescriptions

If you are currently picking medication from renowned chains, transferring your prescriptions to the new location will not be hard. However, if you are using an independent pharmacy, they may help you to transfer the scripts to a different pharmacy in your new town. If you are currently using a mail order to get your prescriptions, make a call to update your address so that the pharmacy does not deliver your medication to the old place.

7. Register Your Change of Address

The world that we reside in fully revolves around technology and emails but you should not fail to register your change of address with the postal office. Even though snail-mail is becoming a thing of the past slowly, you can miss out on important information like IRS letters. Therefore, you have to update your postal address to the new area of relocation.

8. Modify the Online Shopping Profile

If you shop online through websites like Amazon, you know that it is a breeze to make purchases through a simple click. However, don’t forget to change the primary shipping address on the various profile. Your future purchases should be directed to your new place of residence and not the old one. You don’t want to send your new washer accidentally to the wrong home or even state. It can be so much of an inconvenience to you and your family members.

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